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Bolefloor follows the natural growth of the tree to produce beautiful and unique curved hardwood flooring.

This style of flooring has been widely acclaimed as it gives a distinctive but contemporary look to the interior of a home or business. As each wooden floorboard is unique, each floor is a work of art in its own right.

Bolefloor is available in a wide range of different woods including Maple, Ash, Oak, Cherry and Walnut. It is seen as more eco-friendly compared to traditional, straight hardwood boards, as more of the tree is used and less is wasted.

In Oak, three grades of curved length hardwood flooring are available: Select, Natural and Rustic. Select is a premium grade with no visible dark knots, no sapwood (younger, outer wood) and no cat’s paw (a natural feature in the wood). Natural has some small dark knots on the surface of the wood, sapwood, and some other knots are visible. Rustic has dark knots, sapwood and some cracks may appear, giving the flooring a more characterful, weathered look.

Bolefloor can be supplied unfinished, oiled and brushed. Alternatively, unfinished boards can be finished on site to any style you require The size of the floorboards vary according to the length and width of the trunk and the species of the tree.